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Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart

Minus 8 - White

This is fun to drink when served lightly chilled; but also a great condiment and a wonderful addition to your cooking repertoire. This fabulous product is similar in taste to white wine, but a little sourer. We think it's a better replacement for a wine in cooking recipes.

Minus 8 - White

An arctic blast blowing in from the east is expected to bring temperatures as low as minus 8 degrees overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday, with smatterings of the white stuff possible in many areas across the UK.

In terms of the exact time the white stuff is due to fall, BBC weather forecaster Louise Lear says that on Wednesday a "hard frost will greet pretty much all of us" and that this is when we are likely to see "the risk of snow showers".

Much of England, including the South West, we could see temperatures of minus 5C or minus 6C which is exceptionally cold. We have a snow warning across the northern half of Scotland for Wednesday and that is when the snow showers coming from the north will be most impactful, they will probably start on Tuesday and we will see very significant snow in the north.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the concentrations of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) and interleukin (IL)-8 in sera from patients with Staphylococcus aureus septicemia and to correlate the results to peripheral neutrophil counts and the clinical outcome. METHODS: Serum samples from 64 consecutive patients with S. aureus septicemia were sequentially collected in a prospective study. RESULTS: The mean plus minus standard deviation (SD) serum G-CSF value on admission was 348 plus minus 830 with a range of 8 to 5400 pg/mL. G-CSF concentrations were elevated (> 76 pg/mL) in 38/64 patients (59%) as were serum IL-8 concentrations (> 67 pg/mL) in 23/64 patients (36%) on admission. The mean plus minus SD IL-8 value was 266 plus minus 422 pg/mL with a range of 2 to 1366 pg/mL. A correlation was found between serum IL-8 and white blood cell count on admission (p=0.008). CONCLUSIONS: Patients with uncomplicated septicemia frequently have elevated G-CSF values (84%) in comparison to patients with complicated septicemia (49%; p=0.02), indicating a possible protective effect of G-CSF in septic complications. 041b061a72

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