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Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart

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The Measurement Tool in Creo 2.... how do you feel about it? I spoke to the developers in Anaheim about it and told them I did not like it. I tried to demonstrate some of the issues but I don't think they were "getting it". The implied notion they gave me was that I simply wasn't using the tool correctly. Instead of staying in "Summary", I should be using "Distance", etc. I went back to my job resolved to take another crack at it. Perhaps I was missing just how great the tool was!

Creo 2 0 Crack

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where KIC is the fracture toughness (MPa m1/2); P is the maximum load in newtons (N); L is the span distance in millimeters (32.0 mm); B is the specimen width in millimeters (mm); W is the specimen thickness in millimeters (mm); and a is the crack length in millimeters (mm).

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