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Chariton Noses
Chariton Noses

Storage Wars Texas Season 1 Fix

The premise was essentially the same as the parent show: when rent is not paid on a storage locker in Texas,[2] the contents are sold by an auctioneer as a single lot of items. The show follows professional buyers who bid on the contents (usually for the purpose of reselling for profit should they purchase a locker) based only on a five-minute inspection and what they can see only from the door when it is opened. The episodes feature the winning buyers inspecting the contents (providing their estimate of their value), with one specific (and often unusual) item from each buyer featured being appraised to determine its worth. Between and during seasons, some buyers did not return to the show or appeared only occasionally in later seasons. One buyer, Mary Padian, became a regular bidder on the parent Storage Wars.

storage wars texas season 1



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