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Jackson Stewart

How To Make Medium Distraction Free For Better Reading Experience ##BEST##

On the web, we are confronted with an unprecedented amount of distractions that gave birth to various tools like Readability, Instapaper, Adblocker, etc. Attention span shortens while the quality of reading experiences declines; ultimately leaving a lot of great content out there undiscovered, unloved, unshared and unread by most.

How To Make Medium Distraction Free For Better Reading Experience


Do we want to be the nitty-gritty mean little bastards who add noise to the web and impede people to get their messages across, or do we want to be the ones who push the web forward and help to make it a better place for reading and discovering information?

Reader Mode Plugin adds a distraction-free reading experience for users by stripping away clutter and unnecessary elements from the article or post content. To achieve better readability, accessibility, and easy operations for your readers Reader Mode can be a handy choice.

Read any article in a distraction free mode with a clean layout. Just one click to open the reading view on top of any website. Quickly toggle theme between white, yellow and dark theme. To improve reading experience you can easily adjust font size and line height based on your liking.

As the name suggests, Storyist is designed for writers who need to tell a story. Aside from providing a distraction-free writing experience, the app makes it easy to pen out your plot, characters, settings and everything else you need to convey in your story.

Right now, you can think of Reader as another reading app that integrates with Readwise (albeit seamlessly because they share a database). Every highlight you make in Reader instantly syncs with Readwise and then from Readwise to your note-taking apps. Over time, the vision is to create a unified experience between Readwise and Reader within Reader. Regardless, if you have a Readwise Full plan, you get access to both apps.

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