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Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart

Angie: Lost Girls __HOT__

The film established that Angie wasn't Ida's first victim, as the villainess had abducted many women for trafficking, while later ordering Deacon to kill one of the girls in a twisted way to show her authority. She also claimed that she and her henchmen were providing for the girls, and even stated that they can't go to the police under the claim that they were on her payroll. Later in the film, the evil Ida took Nala as her latest victim, and later ordered Deacon to sell Nala's baby--with the final scenes revealing that she had succeeded in doing so. Nala's appearance came after Angie escaped.

Angie: Lost Girls

Angie Morgan (Jane Widdop) is deep in her rebellious teen phase, acting out against her absent parents with her secret new boyfriend, Mario (Sprayberry). However, unbeknownst to her, Mario is a reluctant agent of a vast sex trafficking network, and he is forced to drag Angie into a horrifying world of rape and abuse. As the police and her heartbroken parents fight to find her, Angie and the other trafficked girls struggle to maintain hope and stay alive. When Angie finally escapes and is brought home, she is haunted by the atrocities done to her and by the shadowy figures still pursuing her. She must eventually confront the shame and fear instilled in her in order to save the girls she left behind. This story depicts the horrors of sex trafficking in a deeply visceral way, serving as a call to action for many who consider their lives untouched by this world. Beyond that, however, Lost Girls is also a story of family, of bravery, and of self-worth that cannot be dictated by the world around you. 041b061a72

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