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Chariton Noses

Out Of The Abyss Rage Of Demons Pdf 24

The group is given a little bit of time on the surface to recover, but after a time they are called to see the dwarven King Bruenor in his kingdom of Gauntlgrym to discuss a return to the Underdark to take care of the demon problem. Bruenor invites representatives from all the factions and asks the players to help get the factions to agree to create a single force to send down into the Underdark to battle the demons.

Out Of The Abyss Rage Of Demons Pdf 24

The group travels to Mantol-Derith, a neutral trade outpost, for a tough mission before descending deeper into the depths of the Underdark at the head of the group of allies. The group is free to travel to some previously visited or other locations. Regardless of where they travel, the main objective is to get to the Stone Library in Gravenhollow and then onto the Tower of Vengeance, The Wormwrithings, The Labyrinth all leading to the final showdown with the demons.

At the Tower of Vengeance the group can make an alliance with a drow wizard named Vizeran who has a plan to cast a ritual to set the demons against each other, destroying each others material forms (and Mezzoberranzan). The players can ally with Vizeran or betray him and go on their own. Either way, they are required to go on what is essentially a fetch quest for the ritual components in the Wormwrithings and the Labyrinth. But both locations provide a variety of monsters and encounters that players should really enjoy.

The Labyrinth is another interesting location where the players will encounter gnolls, minotaurs, modrons and more all while trying to keep from getting lost and being caught between the demons Yeenoghu and Baphomet.

Tiamat, once the supporter of the younger gods, now is enraged that they have killed her mate. She consults with the god Quingu who advises her to make war on the younger gods. Tiamat rewards Quingu with the Tablets of Destiny, which legitimize the rule of a god and control the fates, and he wears them proudly as a breastplate. With Quingu as her champion, Tiamat summons the forces of chaos and creates eleven horrible monsters to destroy her children.

After the gods have finished praising him for his great victory and the art of his creation, Marduk consults with the god Ea (the god of wisdom) and decides to create human beings from the remains of whichever of the gods encouraged Tiamat to make war. Quingu is charged as guilty and killed and, from his blood, Ea creates Lullu, the first man, to be a helper to the gods in their eternal task of maintaining order and keeping chaos at bay.

1 Tia-mat gathered together her creation2 And organised battle against the gods, her offspring.3 Henceforth Tia-mat plotted evil because of Apsû4 It became known to Ea that she had arranged the conflict.5 Ea heard this matter,6 He lapsed into silence in his chamber and sat motionless.7 After he had reflected and his anger had subsided8 He directed his steps to Anšar his father.9 He entered the presence of the father of his begetter, Anšar,10 And related to him all of Tia-mat's plotting.11 "My father, Tia-mat our mother has conceived a hatred for us,12 She has established a host in her savage fury.13 All the gods have turned to her,14 Even those you (pl.) begat also take her side15 They . . . . . and took the side of Tia-mat,16 Fiercely plotting, unresting by night and day,17 Lusting for battle, raging, storming,18 They set up a host to bring about conflict.19 Mother H(ubur, who forms everything,20 Supplied irresistible weapons, and gave birth to giant serpents.21 They had sharp teeth, they were merciless.22 With poison instead of blood she filled their bodies.23 She clothed the fearful monsters with dread,24 She loaded them with an aura and made them godlike.25 (She said,) "Let their onlooker feebly perish,26 May they constantly leap forward and never retire."27 She created the Hydra, the Dragon, the Hairy Hero,28 The Great Demon, the Savage Dog, and the Scorpion-man,29 Fierce demons, the Fish-man, and the Bull-man,30 Carriers of merciless weapons, fearless in the face of battle.31 Her commands were tremendous, not to be resisted.32 Altogether she made eleven of that kind.33 Among the gods, her sons, whom she constituted her host,34 She exalted Qingu and magnified him among them.35 The leadership of the army, the direction of the host,36 The bearing of weapons, campaigning, the mobilization of conflict,37 The chief executive power of battle supreme command,38 She entrusted to him and set him on a throne.39 "I have cast the spell for you and exalted you in the host of the gods,40 I have delivered to you the rule of all the gods.41 You are indeed exalted, my spouse, you are renowned,42 Let your commands prevail over all the Anunnaki."43 She gave him the tablet of Destinies and fastened it to his breast,44 (Saying) "Your order may not he changed; let the utterance of your mouth be firm."45 After Qingu was elevated and had acquired the power of Anuship46 He decreed the destinies for the gods. her sons:47 "May the utterance of your mouths subdue the fire-god,48 May your poison by its accumulation put down aggression."49 Anšar heard; the matter was profoundly disturbing.50 He cried "Woe!" and bit his lip.51 His heart was in fury, his mind could not be calmed.52 Over Ea his son his cry was faltering.53 "My son, you who provoked the war,54 Take responsibility for whatever you alone have done!55 You set out and killed Apsû,56 And as for Tia-mat, whom you made furious, where is her equal?"57 The gatherer of counsel, the learned prince,58 The creator of wisdom, the god Nudimmud59 With soothing words and calming utterance60 Gently answered [his] father Anšar61 "My father, deep mind, who decrees destiny,62 Who has the power to bring into being and destroy,63 Anšar, deep mind, who decrees destiny,64 Who has the power to bring into being and to destroy,65 I want to say something to you, calm down for me for a moment66 And consider that I performed a helpful deed.67 Before I killed Apsû68 Who could have seen the present situation?69 Before I quickly made an end of him70 What were the circumstances were I to destroy him?"71 Anšar heard, the words pleased him.72 His heart relaxed to speak to Ea,73 "My son, your deeds are fitting for a god,74 You are capable of a fierce, unequalled blow . . [ . . . ]75 Ea, your deeds are fitting for a god,76 You are capable of a fierce, unequalled blow . . [ . . . ]77 Go before Tia-mat and appease her attack,78 . . [ . . . ] . . . her fury with [your] incantation."79 He heard the speech of Anšar his father,80 He took the road to her, proceeded on the route to her.81 He went, he perceived the tricks of Tia-mat,82 [He stopped], fell silent, and turned back.83 [He] entered the presence of august Anšar84 Penitently addressing him,85 "[My father], Tia-mat's deeds are too much for me.86 I perceived her planning, and [my] incantation was not equal (to it).87 Her strength is mighty, she is full of dread,88 She is altogether very strong, none can go against her.89 Her very loud cry did not diminish,90 [I became afraid] of her cry and turned back.91 [My father], do not lose hope, send a second person against her.92 Though a woman's strength is very great, it is not equal to a man's.93 Disband her cohorts, break up her plans94 Before she lays her hands on us."95 Anšar cried out in intense fury,96 Addressing Anu his son,97 "Honoured son, hero, warrior,98 Whose strength is mighty, whose attack is irresistible99 Hasten and stand before Tia-mat,100 Appease her rage that her heart may relax101 If she does not harken to your words,102 Address to her words of petition that she may be appeased."103 He heard the speech of Anšar his father,104 He took the road to her, proceeded on the route to her.105 Anu went, he perceived the tricks of Tia-mat,106 He stopped, fell silent, and turned back.107 He entered the presence of Anšar the father who begat him,108 Penitently addressing him.109 "My father, Tia-mat's [deeds] are too much for me.110 I perceived her planning, but my [incantation] was not [equal] (to it).111 Her strength is mighty, she is [full] of dread,112 She is altogether very strong, no one [can go against her].113 Her very loud noise does not diminish,114 I became afraid of her cry and turned back.115 My father, do not lose hope, send another person against her.116 Though a woman's strength is very great, it is not equal to a man's.117 Disband her cohorts, break up her plans,118 Before she lays her hands on us."119 Anšar lapsed into silence, staring at the ground,120 He nodded to Ea, shaking his head.121 The Igigi and all the Anunnaki had assembled,122 They sat in tight-lipped silence.123 No god would go to face . . [ . . ]124 Would go out against Tia-mat . . . . [ . . ]125 Yet the lord Anšar, the father of the great gods,126 Was angry in his heart, and did not summon any one.127 A mighty son, the avenger of his father,128 He who hastens to war, the warrior Marduk129 Ea summoned (him) to his private chamber130 To explain to him his plans.131 "Marduk, give counsel, listen to your father.132 You are my son, who gives me pleasure,133 Go reverently before Anšar,134 Speak, take your stand, appease him with your glance."135 Be-l rejoiced at his father's words,136 He drew near and stood in the presence of Anšar.137 Anšar saw him, his heart filled with satisfaction,138 He kissed his lips and removed his fear.139 "My [father] do not hold your peace, but speak forth,140 I will go and fulfil your desires!141 [Anšar,] do not hold your peace, but speak forth,142 I will go and fulfil your desires!143 Which man has drawn up his battle array against you?144 And will Tia-mat, who is a woman, attack you with (her) weapons?145 ["My father], begetter, rejoice and be glad,146 Soon you will tread on the neck of Tia-mat!147 [Anšar], begetter, rejoice and be glad,148 Soon you will tread on the neck of Tia-mat!149 ["Go,] my son, conversant with all knowledge,150 Appease Tia-mat with your pure spell.151 Drive the storm chariot without delay,152 And with a [ . . ] which cannot be repelled turn her back."153 Be-l rejoiced at his father's words,154 With glad heart he addressed his father,155 "Lord of the gods, Destiny of the great gods,156 If I should become your avenger,157 If I should bind Tia-mat and preserve you,158 Convene an assembly and proclaim for me an exalted destiny.159 Sit, all of you, in Upšukkinakku with gladness,160 And let me, with my utterance, decree destinies instead of you.161 Whatever I instigate must not be changed,162 Nor may my command be nullified or altered."

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