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Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart

American Crime Drama, Crime 2015 0h 45m 7.7

A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian crime drama that is as shocking and disturbing as you expected it to be. The film follows Alex, a teenager who leads a group of thugs on a rampage of violence and crime.

American Crime Drama, Crime 2015 0h 45m 7.7

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Two homicide detectives are on a hunt for a serial killer who believes his crimes can be forgiven as the entire world ignores Seven Deadly Sins. From one tortured victim to the next, the detectives are having a tough time.

Get a feel-good movie that will have you singing and dancing along with Sister Act. This classic film tells the story of a nightclub singer who is forced to take refuge in a convent after witnessing a crime.

One of the most beloved films is from the Best Disney Plus Movies List. When the brilliant Basil of Baker Street takes on the case of a kidnapped toymaker, he quickly realizes that this is no ordinary crime. 041b061a72

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